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I am Aldo P. Hernandez, LCSW, a bilingual therapist with 25 years of social work experience. Originally from New York City, I have settled in Chicago to continue my passion as a therapist.

In these times of stress I am here to provide a listening ear. Therefore I am accepting patients on the online platform to address anxiety, stress, and depression not only related to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Until further notice sessions will be held on the digital platform. Couples sessions via video platforms only.

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About Therapy

About Therapy

Therapy can help you understand more about relationships, yourself, your path in life, finding balance, improving communication, developing insight and much more.

I specialize in:

  • Couples/Marital Counseling/Relationship management
  • Depression and Anxiety Management
  • Trauma-Based Therapy using RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy)
My Role

My Role

I will support you in working toward your specific goals with a compassionate, warm and guiding approach, which aids communication in the therapeutic process.

I also help those seeking support or simply looking for a non-judgmental ear.

My role is to:

  • Identify unproductive and undesirable behaviors and how they impact your life
  • Discover with you how change is possible and support you in making that change
  • Develop insight and tools to implement what you have learned, while addressing your concerns
My Methods

My Methods

I work mainly with young adults and professionals seeking to discuss their individual needs. My methods are:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – identifying feelings and how they affect our thoughts and behaviors.

Client-Centered Therapy – appreciating your perspective, while addressing necessary changes in behavior.

Sessions can be ongoing or short term, depending on your preference, and are conducted in person, by telephone or video using Google Hangouts, Duo, Skype, What’s App or FaceTime.

Therapy Packages

Reduced Price! $45 for 30 minute sessions Reduced Price!

Reduced Price! $80 for 60 minute sessions. Reduced Price!

Pricing for Couples sessions:

New Reduced Price! $80 each person for 60 minute sessions New Reduced Price!


  • From

    I wanted to take a minute and thank you for everything. I feel you put me on a great path to follow for the rest of my life. My children are doing much better and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am sure you get a lot of thanks but I just want to make sure what you do means things to people and the really help.
    I wish you the best.

  • From

    An amazing therapist and person. He helped me realize and accept everything that made me worried about myself. The way he talks makes you comfortable to share everything. I've had a lot of therapists in my life, and he's always going to be my favorite and the one that most helped me change my understanding of myself, and that makes all the difference. Thank you for everything. I never learned so much in so little time.

  • From

    Aldo is just, incredible. He's a great person to have around when I feel completely lost. He's been able to help me better my relationships and work on being a positive, better me. I don't believe I would've gotten as far as I have without him.

  • From

    Aldo is one of those people I couldn't be without during this period of my life. He listens to my outbursts of emotions and always makes me feel reassured, calm and strong. I honestly can't thank him enough. I also enjoy the fact he feels like I'm just talking to a friend and I can be myself. I don't hide anything from him and I feel safe talking to him. Thank you, Aldo.

  • From


    Aldo has been very kind to provide me with a 'listening ear' and give me honest feedback. Life can be so overwhelming at times, and Aldo has helped me to think through my options. It makes such a difference to have someone available when I'm hurting and confused.

  • Elle,
    Equatorial Guinea

    Aldo has been wonderful, and he has helped me through a very difficult period of my recovery which involved medication adjustment. It was very trying and he helped me practice a number of different techniques and forms of therapy. He has been very supportive. I have a long way to go though I realize and at this time I am looking to get a different perspective on my mental health. Thank you.

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Please feel free to contact me via email or by phone for a FREE initial confidential consultation.

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